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Welcome to Harewood Infant School


Christmas Fair

December 2023

What a lot of festive fun we had after school on Friday! It was wonderful to see so many of our families join us for our first Christmas event of the year. There were lots of exciting activities and games to take part in, and prizes to be won. We made an AMAZING profit of just over £1,300!!! We will let you know in due course how the money is used to enrich the children's time in school.

A huge thank you to those who sent in donations; we were overwhelmed by the crafting of the Jingle Jars and your generosity. Thank you also to the parents and staff who manned the stalls and worked behind the scenes, it was a superb team effort.

Year Two History Workshop

November 2023

The children in Year 2 invited their parents to school to come and create their own life timelines with them. They put drawings and photographs in chronological order and wrote captions under their pictures using historical language.

‘Chronology enables pupils to place their learning within the bigger picture and better remember historical people, periods and events. Without chronology, children’s historical understanding will remain limited. Sequencing events such as our own lives, helps children to understand chronology.’


Harewood Hare Logo ~ Polling Day

23rd November 2023

On Thursday, the children took part in their very own polling day to get a taste of democracy in action! They were voting for their favourite 'hare' image to use in our new school logo. They went into their own private voting booth, filled in their ballot paper and posted their paper into the ballot box. Our parents and all of the staff placed their votes, too. Now, we are just waiting to hear what the final count and winning design is.



Year Two ~ Puppet Making

November 2023

The children in Year 2 had a go at designing and making their very own African animal hand puppets. They designed their puppet and then had a very exciting day sewing, cutting and sticking. The children also explored different styles of puppets and thought about puppet shows by the seaside in the Victorian times.

The teachers we very impressed with the determination and Emerald Power the children used. They were also so tolerant when helping each other. Well done, Year 2!!

African Drumming and Dance

November 2023

Kwame came into school to teach Reception and Year One an African Dance. He taught Year Two some African rhythms on his drums. The sound of the African music filtered through our corridors and made us all feel great! Kwame took some time tell us about his life in Africa and compared it to his life here in the UK.


Harewood Heroes

November 2023

After School Clubs have started this November. Our Harewood Heroes have been busy bees! They are keeping our outdoor areas tidy and making sure they look their best. They have lots of ideas on how to improve our site, including planting some bulbs to make our school look beautiful in the Spring.

Cross Country Club

November 2023

The children from Cross Country Club took part in a competition on Wednesday 15th November at Holmleigh Park School. They all did very well and raced against lots of other children. They used lots of Emerald Power and pushed through even when they were tired. They had to run just under a mile.

Well done to all of the Cross Country runners, the teachers are very proud of how well behaved they were whilst they were there!! 



Remembrance Day

November 2023

With Remembrance day coming up, the children have been thinking about why people buy and wear poppies. They listened to a story in assembly, have created their own poppy art and every child has created a poppy to add to our whole school display. Some children even created purple poppies to remember the animals. 


Afternoon Tea

October 2023

After a busy morning, creating jam and cheese sandwiches, fruit kebabs and scones, we invited our grown-ups in to help us enjoy eating our goodies. Grandparents, parents, carers, Aunties, Uncles and siblings joined us for a delicious afternoon.




Hedgehog Hospital Visitors

October 2023

All year groups had a special assembly presented by some of the people who take care of the hedgehogs that are brought into their hedgehog rescue centre. The children found out all about hedgehogs, their needs and the difficulties they face at this time of year. They heard about how they can care for hedgehogs in their gardens by pegging up football nets so that they don't get caught up, never leaving milk out for them and making sure when lighting bonfires that no hedgehog has set up home in there. Each class then had the opportunity to take part in a 'Hogstacle' race, trying to avoid the problems hedgehogs have every day.

Harewood Lunchtime Monitors

October 2023

Having introduced our new 'Harewood Hare' rules this term, Year Two children have taken on the responsibility of monitoring the corridors at lunchtime to make sure everyone is being 'Safe and Sensible' when moving around the school. A small group of children will keep an eye out for children being a 'Harewood Hare' and have been given the task of awarding a 'Harewood Hare' token to those who are following the school rules. Over the year, the groups will rotate and all of Year Two will have the opportunity to prove that they are responsible and can be trusted to be a lunchtime monitor 

Reception Children's First Forest School Session

October 2023

This week, the Reception children in Turquoise, Blue and Lilac classes had their first Forest School session with Mr Whitmore and their class TAs. They had a wonderful time exploring and learning how to stay safe whilst having fun.

Meet Year Two's New Pets

September 2023

Year Two have welcomed Eddie and Robbie the guinea pigs, (named after Edward Jenner and Robert Raikes) into their classrooms. The children are learning to be responsible for looking after them and are all working quietly to keep the classroom calm for their new classmates.

West Midland Safari Park

September 2023

On Friday the 29th September, Year Two set off on safari. They travelled to West Midland Safari Park and had an amazing adventure while spotting the African animals they have been learning about in school.


September 2023

On Monday, Zoolab came to visit us. Reception and Year One met Marmalade the corn snake, Gary the giant snail, Tank the scorpion, Slinky the millipede and Freddie the frog. The children thought about the creatures and how their bodies worked and enabled them to move, find food and stay safe. They also thought about whether they were nocturnal or diurnal. In addition to this, Year Two met a python. Some of the children displayed their emerald power by either holding or touching the animals. 

Year 1 & 2 Clubs

The Year 1 and Year 2 children have enjoyed attending some exciting clubs this summer including; running, science, music, coding, construction, art, forest school, bench ball, netball and film clubs. 


Nature in Art

Year 2 had a lovely visit to Nature in Art. They enjoyed looking at the sculptures and art installations around the site and loved creating their own pieces of work.

Computing Workshops with Year 1 Parents

To support our teaching of coding in the computing curriculum, we held workshop afternoons for Year 1 parents where they had the opportunity to explore the Scratch Jr. app with their children. 

Westonbirt Visit

Our reception and year 1 children had a lovely time at Westonbirt Arboretum and learned lots about trees and plants.

Coronation Day Displays

As part of our Coronation Day celebrations the children created 4 fantastic displays to represent each of the four countries of the UK.

Coronation Day Celebrations

The children celebrated the King's coronation with experiences from the four nations of the UK including making Welsh cakes, playing highland games, Irish dancing and playing cricket. They also had a go at activities linked to each country.

Commemorative Plates - May 2023

The children have been busy making commemorative plates for the King's Coronation. 

Learning about democracy - April 2023

Democracy is one of the fundamental, British values that we learn about at school. To mark the King's coronation, we decided to raise some money for charity. The children were given a choice of 4 local charity to choose from and everybody casted their vote to find out which one was the most popular. Teckels - our local dog and cat rescue charity - was chosen, so all proceeds from our fundraising activities will be going to them.

D&T workshops with parents - March 2023

To support our learning about our local area, each year group had a workshop afternoon with parents and used recycled materials to create models of some famous, local buildings.


Year 2 Visit to Gloucester Cathedral - January 2023

Our Year 2 children visited Gloucester Cathedral as part of their learning in history about significant local buildings.

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations - June 2022

As well as having a 'street party' on the playground, the children also made jubilee flags and learned a special song to mark the occasion.

Please click here to watch a video of the whole school singing.