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Absence Request Form

When children are taken out of school in term time, it can seriously affect their education.  Absence disrupts the continuity of a child’s learning.  Children miss the teaching that takes place on the days that they are away and they may find it difficult to understand lessons when they return.  Children need to attend school regularly in order to make good progress and achieve all that they can.

No holidays taken in term time can be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances.  This ruling has not been made by our governing body or Gloucestershire County Council but applies, by law, to all community schools in England.

Exceptional circumstances are:

  • Children whose parents/carers are in the armed forces.
  • Children, whose parents’ holidays are dictated by their employer e.g. police, fire service or staff working for a company that closes between certain dates. (These requests will need to be accompanied by a letter from the employer)
  • A child with a parent/carer or sibling who has a life threatening illness. (This request will need to be accompanied by a letter from a medical professional working with the family.)

Click here for the absence request form