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Online Safety 

'Poppy's Playtime' Concerns

It has been brought to our attention that there is an online horror game which some children are talking about in school.  It is called Poppy’s Playtime and is based on a toy which chases you around a toy factory.  There is not an official rating for the game, however, it features an unpleasant-looking character called 'Huggy Wuggy' that young children may find upsetting.

Safer Schools has produced some guidance for parents about Poppy's Playtime and it can be accessed by clicking here.


Spongy Elephant Guidance

Click here to access practical advice and guidance for how to create a safer online environment at home.


E Safety Resources 

We use Think U Know resources in school to help to teach the children about online safety issues. The Think U Know website has lots of information about staying safe online and is suitable for both parents and children. Click here to access the Think U Know website.

E-Safety at Home

We have compiled some tips for parents to ensure their child's safety while using the online features and apps on their devices. They have all been produced by National Online Safety and their website has many more easily accessible tips and guides:

Amazon Alexa guide for parents

Android phone guide for parents

iPhone guide for parents

Disney+ guide for parents

Fortnite guide for parents

Minecraft guide for parents

Netflix guide for parents

Nintendo Switch guide for parents

Roblox guide for parents

TikTok guide for parents

YouTube Kids guide for parents