Meet the staff at Harewood Infants



                                                       Mrs. K. Howard


Senior Leadership Team                                    Office Manager

Mr. J. Goodland                                                    Mrs. T Roberts

Mrs. D. Phillips                                                      Finance Officer

Mrs. N. Phillips                                                      Mrs. B. Turner

Caretaker                                                             Learning Mentor                                      

Mr. A. Ablett                                                          Mrs. C. Eccles

Community Family Worker                                 

Mrs. L. Law                                                                               


Purple Class - Reception & Year 1                     Blue Class - Reception & Year 1        

Our teacher is Mr G. Evans.                                  Our teachers are Mrs. K. Haines and Miss G. Fyfe.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs. K. King              Our teaching assistant is Mrs. C. Fido.

and Mr. M. Whitmore.                                            


Lilac Class - Reception & Year 1                      Turquoise Class - Reception & Year 1                        

Our teacher is Miss B. Tardivo.                            Our teachers are Mrs. S. Hodgetts and Miss C.     

Our teaching assistant is Miss K.                         Stevens. Our teaching assistants are Mrs. R. Brooks

Kalcutt.                                                                 Mrs. N. Wayman and Miss D. Barnett.


Green Class - Reception & Year 1                      Yellow Class - Reception & Year 1   

Our teacher is Mrs. M. Fatica.                                Our teachers are Mrs. R. Bowrey and Mrs. D. Phillips.

Our teaching assistants are Mrs. L. Dyke              Our teaching assistants are Mr J. Gibbons and Mrs  

Mrs. K. Jarratt and Mrs. R. Vincent.                       R. Patterson.


Red Class - Year 2                                                  Orange Class - Year 2     

Our teacher is Miss L. Brown.                                  Our teacher is Miss B. Carter.                    

Our teaching assistant is Mrs. H. Welsh.                 Our teaching assistant is Mrs. V. Greig. 


Pink Class - Year 2

Our teachers are Mrs. R. Ginwalla and Miss K. Rogers.

Our teaching assistant is Mrs. V. Crew.


Intervention Support                             Special Educational Needs Coordinator                         

Mrs. K. Wyatt-McQuire                             Mrs. N. Phillips

Mrs. H. Bakowicz    


Midday Supervisors

Mrs. J. Smith, Miss L. Ellis, Mrs. J. Sheehan, Mrs. S. Willis, Miss R. Brooks, Mrs R. Vorray, Miss J. Gill, Mrs Z. Ziadnejadmoghanlou, Mrs. J. Raasenthiran and Mrs. S. Hughes.

Cleaning Team

Mr. R. Price, Mrs. T. Aston and Mrs. J. Raasenthiran.